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Spend a few dream days in the middle of the Danube Delta with guided boat trips, in an elegant guesthouse accommodation.
7 days and 6 nights accommodation in the Danube Delta, 5 day boat tours included in the price! Two day trips on lakes and specific channels from the wildest areas of the Danube Delta, North Delta, Lung lake, Bogdaproste, Trei Iezere and channels between this lakes, a day trip to Forest Letea, meaning a trip mixed both on water and on land, one day in Sulina tacking a short break for bathing in the Black Sea; probably all day trip to the lakes in the south e.g Lake Gorgostel, Gorgova, Potcoava, etc., may be one day trip to Sfantu Gheorghe, also an all day trip with lunch in the village of Sf Gheorghe. You can also pick a day of kayaks or canoes tour, with a highly trained instructor. The entire programme is led and managed by one of the guides of FotoDelta team guides, the team with the best reputation in the Danube Delta.

Included in the price:

  • 6 nights accommodation, at a three 3* resort, in a double room, and 2 nights at a 4* hotel in Bucharest (half board) > total of 8 night / 9 days;
  • All meals (starting with dinner on the first day and ending with breakfast on the last day);
  • The trips from day 2 and 3, including the guide, the boat and fuel;
  • The trips from Tulcea to Mila 23 and back;
  • All necessary taxes, enforced by the local authorities (ARBDD);

Optional commodities:

  • Single room at a price of 165 EUR/pers, for the entire stay;

Not included in the price:

  • Drinks

Prices for children:

  • 25% of adult price for children of 6 years or younger;
  • 50% of adult price for children between 6 and 12 years old;
  • Children above 12 years old are treated as adults;

* In some situations we might require a birth certificate for children.


  • 765 EUR/pers., group of minimum 25 persons
  • 650 EUR/pers., group over 25 persons
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Incoming Romania-Round Trip visiting the Danube Delta by bus

A proposal for the program looks like:

Day 1: we will pick you up from the airport in Bucharest;

– we’ll make the check-in at the hotel, and after that we’ll take a brief stroll downtown the capital;

– dinner and accommodation at the hotel;

Day 2: We will go to  Tulcea, where at 4 P.M. we have scheduled a boat trip through one of the most beautiful parts on Danube Delta, on the route “Canal 36”, “Sireasa Brook”, “Sontea Brook”, “Olguta Canal”, “Old Danube Canal”, “Mila 23 Village”. You will be checking in at a 3* resort.

In the evening,  a traditional fish meal will be served. After that, while we’ll enjoy a glass of quality wine, we will discuss what we have planned for you next.

Day 3 – 7: in the morning, after breakfast, we depart for the day trip. We’ll do the routes together, accordingly to what you want to see.
If you wake up in the morning, we can make this trip at sunrise, there is nothing more beautiful than a boat trip through the morning mist and the warm light of sunrise in a fantasy world full of life and movement.
Day 8: Breakfast and then we will head back to Tulcea, following the same route we took on day 1; departure to Bucharest for another night accommodation.

Day 9: Breakfast and then  transfer to the airport.

Delta Danube trips:

Our traveling speed is slow, we are experts in relaxing trips, destined for sightseeing Danube Delta, low speed transport so you can see everything.  Our boat cruising speed is around 10 km/h (6 Miles/h), we will visit all local attractions, also we will take pictures of fauna and flora, gaze at the beautiful sights and create amazing memories for you to share with your loved ones at home. We will, in no way, transform your trip into a boat racing sport.

What we will see:

At all times we will try to teach you about the places we will visit, about the birds and flora we will encounter; we will look for bird flocks and seasonal flora. Each time of the year has its own beauty and it leaves its mark on the Danube Delta in different ways. We will take you to see different parts on the Danube Delta and help you understand the seasonal changes its going through. Danube Delta has its special place in nature and we’ll show you why.

The trip on the lakes will take about one day (two trips of four hours each), depending on weather and on how much you can last in the boat.

The following are included in the price: the boat, which is sized according to the number of tourists, a guide and gasoline for the boat.

The trip to Letea will take about 8 hours, the route is very beautiful, we will not go on the Danube waterway (we don’t just transport you) , we will take you through side canals and navigate on Old Danube.

We will end our boat trip in Letea, a beautiful village, with many traditional houses made out of wood, mud and reeds, painted in traditional colors (green, blue and white). From there we will take a safari car and travel to Letea forest, the oldest natural resevation in Romania. We will see the only oak forest in the world grown on a sea bank (salty), vines, a subtropical flora that cannot be seen anywhere else in Romania, and the famous wild horses. During this time, we can also see the first blooming orchids of the year.

Upon returning from the forest, we will go to the village to see and photograph the traditional houses that still stand in this forgotten corner of the world, talk to people and eat local grown fruits, straight from the trees.

This offer includes: The boat, sized according to the number of people in the group, safari car, guide, fuel for the boat and the car.

Trip to Sulina – lasts a day. The way to Sulina is on the Danube, on Sulina Branch. We drive on water about an hour, an hour and a half and stop in the city touristic port. From there we walk a little to see the churches, the cathedral, the Palace AFDJ and the Lighthouse. Then we take the bus to the Sulina beach and go for a swim in the sea followed by lunch on the beach.

***NOTE: Optionally you can visit the cemetery in Sulina but this is not necessary because the summer is very hot and it is possible that not all  the group members would face the heat of midday in the Cemetery.
This offer includes: The boat, sized according to the number of people in the group, guide, fuel for the boat and public transport bus to the beach and back, the lighthouse visitors fee.
The trip to Sfantu Gheorghe

It’s a one day trip, we go to Sfantu Gheroghe by boat on a beautiful trail, Channel Caraorman, Lake Puiu, Lake Erenciuc, Sf Gheorghe Branch. Then, we visit the village of Sf. Gheorghe, eat lunch in a  very nice and clean local house and then go back on a different route on Garla Imputita canal parallel to the sea shore until near Sulina we enter on the Danube and from there we go to Mila 23.
This offer includes: The boat, sized according to the number of people in the group, guide, fuel.
Kayak or Canoe Tour – lasts one day, in two steps of 4 hours, we’ll paddle around Mila 23 Village, on small channels, away from traffic as possible, along with a very skilled instructor.
Transfer Tulcea – Mila 23 and back

It is done with our boats, open boats, for the number of persons in the group. The route of transfer is on the tourist route, NOT on the Danube.
Guide in the Danube Delta:

Guide who will drive the boat is a great connoisseur of these places, birds and nature from the Danube Delta, a very passionate of the Delta’s nature. A trip with a good guide in Danube Delta is a service that very few can provide it qualitative as we do it.


Private means 100 % accommodation dedicated to the group, you have boat and guide only for you and you’ll be able to adjust the program as desired, both times of departure/ arrival and any other elements of your stay can be chosen as desired.
Reservations can be made on the basis of an advance payment of 40% of the package price. The price difference will be paid 30 days before arrival.




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