Round Trip Calabria Sicily

ROUTE: Thessaloniki – KalambakaMeteora – Metsovo – Igoumenitsa – BrindisiMateraCosenza Palermo – Cefalu – Monreale  – AgrigentoCatania TarominaCatanzaro – Bari – Brindisi Igoumenitsa Thessaloniki



– 12 nights accommodation and breakfast to 3* hotels and 2 nights aboard ship (on deck with facilities within reach):

  • 1 night Thessaloniki;
  • 1 night Kalambaka area;
  • 1 night on ferryboat Igoumenitsa – Bari;
  • 1 night Matera area;
  • 3 nights Palermo area;
  • 2 nights Taormina area;
  • 1 night Bari – Brindisi area;
  • 1 night on ferryboat Bari – Igoumenitsa;
  • 1 Thessaloniki area;

– International standard coach transport;

– Travel guide;

 Not included in the price:

  • Airplane ticket;
  • Health insurance;
  • Meal and accommodation services aboard ferryboat. Option to be announced and paid on registration.




DAY 1: picking up tourists from the airport; visit to Thessaloniki; lodging in Thessaloniki,

DAY 2: breakfast; travel to Kalambaka, Greece, for overnight lodging in that area;

DAY 3: breakfast; travel to Igoumenitsa, en route visit to Meteora; brief stopover to the Wallachian countryside settlement Metsovo; embark on the ferryboat to Bari; night travel on deck.

DAY 4: in the morning arriving to Bari, we will visit Saint Nicholas Cathedral (Basilica din San Nicola) and then travel to Matera for overnight lodging in the area;

DAY 5: breakfast; visit to Matera where we’ll admire The Sassi Dwellings – rupestral dwellings and churches dug in limestone walls – and The Dome (statue dedicated to Saint Maria della Bruna);

– Travel to Palermo, en route stopover in Cosenza – The Dome, Archiepiscopal Palace, Norman Castle – optionally within the available time frame we’ll visit the popular touristic resort Cefalu lying on the northern coast of Sicily at the Tyrrhenian Sea, with a sand beach and an alluring old town;

– Boarding in the Palermo area.

DAY 6 and 7: over the two day we’ll visit Palermo – Norman Castle, La Martorana, San Cataldo Church, Quattro Canti, Bellini Square, Vialle della Liberta, the most beautiful thoroughfare in the city, Verdi Square, Teatro Massimo – free time for the tourists;

– Lodging in the Palermo area;

DAY 8: breakfast; travel to Taormina, en route visit to Monreale – The Cathedral – Agrigento – Temples Valley – Catania, the second city by size from Sicily – downtown area;

– Lodging in Taormina area;

DAY 9: breakfast; visit to Taormina – Greek Theatre, Piazza April IX, Palazzo Corvaja; free time for the tourists or visit to Etna Volcano (the four craters); lodging in Taormina area;

DAY 10: breakfast; travel to Brindisi; stopover in Catanzaro – Mateotti Square, Grimaldi Square, Noblemen Palace (The Townhall), The Dome;

– Lodging in the Brindisi – Bari area;

DAY 11: breakfast; visit to Brindisi – downtown area – embark on the ferryboat heading for Igoumenitsa, night travel on deck;

DAY 12: breakfast; in the morning arrival in Igoumenitsa, travel to Edessa where we will visit the downtown and the waterfall;

– Lodging in Thessaloniki;

DAY 13: breakfast; transfer to the airport for the return flight.


Note: the price will be calculated in accordance with the requested services and the number of registered persons.



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