Round Trip Brussels London Amsterdam

Round Trip Brussels London Amsterdam designated path for bus:

ROUTE: Budapest – Vienna –  Frankfurt – Brussels – Bruges – London – Amsterdam – Nurnberg – Vienna – Budapest


– 10 nights accommodation and breakfast at 3* Hotels:

  • 1 night in Budapest
  • 1 night in the Vienna area
  • 1 night in the Mannheim – Frankfurt area
  • 1 night in the Brussels area
  • 3 nights on the London outskirts
  • 1 night in Amsterdam
  • 1 night in the Nurnberg area
  • 1 night in Budapest

– International standard coach transport;

– Travel guide;

– Fee for Eurotunnel transfer;

– Fee for ferryboat transfer;

Price does not include:

  • Health insurance;
  • Airplane ticket;



Round Trip Brussels London Amsterdam for foreigners willing to explore Europe by bus


Please read our itinerary for the given circuit Brusells London Amsterdam

DAY 1: picking up tourists from the airport; lodging in Budapest.

DAY 2: breakfast; travel to Austria; brief stopover in Vienna to visit Hofburg Palace, the Dome and the main trade thoroughfare Maria HilferStrasse; lodging in the Vienna area;

DAY 3: breakfast; travel to Germany, en route brief stopover to the mountain settlement Durnstein; lodging in the Mannheim – Frankfurt area;

DAY 4: breakfast; travel to Belgium; brief stopover in Frankfurt downtown, visit to Brussels: Mini Europe, the old downtown and the Town Hall, the monumental square Grand Place, Maneken Pis;

– within the available time frame visit to Waterloo;

– lodging in the Brussels area;

DAY 5: breakfast; travel to Bruges (the Belgium jewel) with a two hours stopover in the city downtown; travel to England, passing through the Eurotunnel (Calais – Dover); brief stopover in Canterbury to visit the old downtown and the cathedral (Thomas Becket had been killed here in 1770 and that turned into a pilgrimage place); within the available time frame we go on a leisure cruise on Thames;

– three nights lodging on the London outskirts;

DAY 6 and 7: breakfast;

– visit London; Westminster District, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace (outside), London Eye, Trafalgar Square, British Museum, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Tower Bridge and Saint Paul Church, Greenwich (prime meridian);

– visit Windsor and Oxford;

DAY 8: breakfast; passing from England to Europe by Ferry; travel to Amsterdam for overnight lodging; brief evening walk among Amsterdam’s historic downtown;

DAY 9: breakfast; visiting Amsterdam: bridges, canals, visit to the Siegel floating flower market.

– travel to Germany, on the road we will visit  the Cologne Dome; accommodation in the Nurnberg area;

DAY 10: breakfast; visit  the Nurnberg city downtown; travel to Hungary for overnight lodging in the Budapest area;

DAY 11: transfer to the airport for the return flight.


Note: the price will be calculated in accordance with the requested services and the number of registered persons.






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