Auf den Spuren des Grafen Dracula

Route : Bucharest – Brasov – Sinaia – Bran – Rosenau – Sighisoara – Thornburg – Karlsburg – Sibiu – Transfăgărăşan – Argisch – Bucharest


– 7 nights accommodation with half board in 3 * and 4 * hotels in double rooms:

  • 2 Bucharest
  • 2 Brasov-Poiana Area
  • 1 Schässburg
  • 1 Argisch
  • 1 Sibiu

-Rundfahrt 3 * Coach, airport transfers, entrance fees, tour guide



  1. Day 1: – picking up the tourists from the airport;

– Hotel accommodation in Bucharest ; short evening stroll through the city center;

– Dinner at the hotel.

  1. Day 2: – Breakfast;

– Visit to the Palace of the Parliament (the zweitgrőßte administrative building in the world after the Pentagon);

– Drive to Kronstadt ;

– Go stay in Sinaia with a visit to the castle Peles (summer residence of the royal family). The castle is at the request of King Carol I of Romania (1866 – 1914) was built, as planned by the architects Johannes Schultz and Karel Liman, and is from the famous decorators JD Heymann from Hamburg , August Bembe from Mainz decorated and Bernhard Ludwig in Vienna been. The castle is one of the most important historic buildings in Romania, it has a unique character and with its historical and artistic value, one of the most important monuments of its kind in Europe in the second half of the 19th century;

– Evening leisure;

– Dinner and accommodation in hotel in Brasov-Poiana environment.

  1. Day 3: – Breakfast;

– Drive to Bran: Visit to the Bran Castle (Tőrzburg), (Castle of legendary Dracula): it is on the list of the ten most beautiful medieval locksmiths worldwide. The castle was first mentioned in 1377 in a document, it is one of the main attractions of Romania and attracts foreign tourists, especially since it is related to Dracula.

– Visit to the castle Rosenau , an old peasant castle in the town Rosenau (Romanian Râşnov), one of the best preserved peasant fortresses in Transylvania. Residents Rosenau have them in the 13th – 14th centuries built to defend against the Tatar attacks. Here are several scenes of the film “The Immortal” (1974) (directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu . ) Rotated.

– Visit Kronstadt ..: The Town Hall Square, the Black Church (originally it was consecrated as Marienkirche Your name comes from the great fire in 1689 ago, who had become a black ruin the Church The Black Church is one of the most significant monuments gottischer architecture of 14 . – 15th century in Romania);

– Dinner and accommodation in hotel in Brasov-Poiana environment.

  1. Day 4 : – Breakfast;

-Fahrt To Sighisoara ;

Visit of the fortress and the city Sighisoara. The Medieval city is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the same time Sighisoara is the only fully preserved and inhabited medieval fortress in Europe. The city was founded by German settlers. Here, for a period of Vlad the Second Dracul lived, where he has been waiting to ascend the throne. It seems that at that time ( in  1431 ) was born his son, Vlad Tepes, the famous Vlad Dracul (Dracula);

– Accommodation and dinner in Sighisoara.

  1. Day 5: – Breakfast;

-Fahrt After Thornburg : visit the salt mine, a great destination for tourists from all over Europe, which in addition to a salt dome a several storeys high hall, be listed on special occasions even concerts.

– Trip to Sibiu (European Capital of Culture in 2007): go stay in Karlsburg, the first capital of the three Romanian regions. Visit to the fortress (in Vauban – style with 7 stellate bulwarks it was built 1716-1735, according to plans by the Italian architect Giovanni Morando Visconti and is one of the most impressive of its kind in South-Eastern Europe, in particular thanks to their victorious (originally six) Goals that have guaranteed access);

– Dinner and overnight in Sibiu.

  1. Day 6: – Breakfast;

– Tour of the historical center of Sibiu, one of the best preserved historical sites in the country. Many of the walls and the Festungssyteme have been maintained in a very good condition. The historic center is to become a UNESCO heritage in the course (the Liar’s Bridge, the stairway passage, the lower town, towers, etc.)

– Drive to Bâlea Lake by crossing the Transfăgărăşan at an altitude of 2034 m. The road is of BBC “Top Gear” as: described “high road with one of the most beautiful scenery in the world”. After we go through the longest tunnel in Romania (884 m), we descend on Vidraru lake off the grőßten dam in Romania and admire the Vidraru Dam (where the highest bungee jumping platform in Europe is);

– Dinner and overnight in Argisch area.

  1. Day 7: – Breakfast;

– Trip to Bucharest. Move stay at the castle Poienari, one of the palace of Prince Tepes, the famous Vlad Tepes, known as Dracula. The castle was built in the 13th century by the first Romanian kings. It served to defend Wallachia. Kaiser Vlad III, aka Dracula, She renewed in the 15th century and used it as one of his main fortresses. The castle was used in some Draculafilmen as a backdrop.

– Tour of Argisch monastery, said in the famous Romanian tale Monastery “The legend of master Manole” and the Monastery of Snagov – the monastery of Snagov is located on an island in Snagov lake. In the monastery of Snagov is the head of Vlad the Impaler – of Count Dracula, to be buried.

-Accommodation And dinner in Bucharest;

  1. Day 8: – Breakfast

– Transfer to the airport


– The price is calculated for a group of at least 37 people and includes all available services listed except the Extras (where not mentioned, the lunch you can go make available, depending on the daily program for sightseeing, about 15 € / person / day); if the number of participants is small, the price will be recalculated;

– On request can the route and the sights that include, be amended;

– The travel agency Velimed reserves the right to make small changes in the route and the accommodation, but the effect on the price and the tourist program in any respect;

– The exact specifications of the hotel is revealed 10 days before departure;

– The deadline for the last information with respect to the travel conditions is 15 days before departure.

– The bookings and registrations are due to a deposit of 30 – 40% done.

– The travel agency SC VELIMED GmbH is in the insurance and Rücklversicherungsgesellschaft OMNIASIG AG, according to Insurance Series H No. 24007 issued on 04.09.2016, insured..












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